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Our Theatre

Dating back to the mid 16th century, the Bull Theatre has been a much loved venue and a vital part of the community.

Having survived two world wars, repeated threats of closure and demolition the building has undergone a number of changes over the years. Purchased from Benskins Brewery in 1961, the historic site has taken the form of a pub, a Civil Arts centre and a Magistrates court.

In 1975 the building was transformed into The Old Bull Arts Centre, a thriving and artistic cultural hub for local arts organizations and the only successful professional arts centre in the borough, however in 2004 the local council switched its funding from the Bull and constructed the much larger venue of Arts Depot in Finchley.

With concern that the community may lose its cherished arts venue, a Save The Bull group was launched, resulting in the local community organizations championing former actress and journalist Susi Earnshaw (LRWCMD; LRAM, LLAM, IPA) to relocate her full time stage school into the building.

The beloved building is now home to our wonderful school. Our 150 seat theatre has housed many magical performances and has been a creative platform for our pupils, upcoming theatre practitioners, industry professionals and emerging artists. Former students and creatives who have performed in our Theatre include the late Grammy Awards singer Amy Winehouse, Alexandra Burke, Lee Thompson (Madness), Aimie Atkinson (Pretty Woman), Stephen Ashfield (Jersey Boys and the Book of Mormon) Junior Giscomb and Jeffery Daniels (Shalamar).

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