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18th May 2022

April has been such a busy month in school.  We started off housing Barnet’s Annual INtergenerational Dance Festival in our theatre with performances from Baby Ballet through to some wonderful elders dance companies including Green Candle and Chelsea Ballet.  Four of our pupils (Andre, Kerrika, Alfie and Harini) performed some lovely contemporary and tap numbers. It was great to…

March Newsletter

3rd May 2022

We are in the last few days of this term, and it feels like Christmas was a couple of weeks ago! We break up at 3pm on Friday.  No after school open mic as we have a staff meeting about next term. Back on Tuesday 19th April (the day after Easter Monday). It has been…

February Newsletter

26th February 2022

It was so lovely to see so many faces on Parents’ Day this month.  I am so pleased we got to do this in person, for parents, pupils and teachers. Our year 9 pupils were able to see an extract of Brecht’s “Chalk Circle” in our theatre during one of their drama lessons this month. …

January Newsletter

26th January 2022

Welcome to a New Year.  January, the Month of Mocks.  We work hard and then we play hard.  Therefore, after mock GCSE exams were over, we had a visit from The National Theatre. Our pupils took part in a three-hour workshop and then the older pupils auditioned for the NYT intake courses in 2022, which,…

December Newsletter

24th December 2021

It’s the end of the year – always a very exciting and creative period at our school. Our main dance studio is turned into a Winter Wonderland and Santa’s Grotto, ready for the public to visit Santa when they come to see our Christmas Show. Years 7, 8 & 9 rehearse their Christmas Choir Concert,…

November Newsletter

26th November 2021

November is always a busy month as we prepare for end of term tests, pre mock exams, end of term reports and Christmas. Christmas is a big event in our school and this year is no exception as we have turned one of our dance studios into Santa’s Grotto.   Next month’s newsletter will be lots…

October Newsletter

26th October 2021

Auditions for the school started this month with a steady stream of young performers looking around and excited to be in our theatre showing us what they love doing. The LAMDA Speech and Drama certificates arrived for exams taken just before the summer holidays.  These will be given out by Gillian, our speech and drama…

September Newsletter

26th September 2021

It is so lovely to see everyone back in school in person, and to welcome some new faces. In assembly we voted in class reps and buddies for each year group and handed out badges.  The year 11 pupils who were standing for Head Pupil, gave their campaign speeches, and Amber Fernee was voted Head…

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