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Part Time Theatre School

Weekend Theatre School

Our weekend theatre school takes place on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 9.30am-1.00pm at our school in High Barnet at The Bull Theatre (£22 per week). All classes are taught by trained tutors and industry professionals who teach in our full time independent school.

All our teachers are fully qualified and DBS registered.

Each week students attend classes in drama, singing and dance in their assigned age group. Training in all three disciplines allows them to develop as well rounded confident individuals.


Our drama classes are popular among our pupils and aid in the development of confidence, communication skills, and articulation. Classes are based around developing improvisations skills, stagecraft, voice control, projection and script work. Older students are taught the basic skills of audition technique and screen acting.


Our dance classes are based around the fundamental techniques of Street Dance and Jazz. Classes focus on improving technique, core stability, co-ordination, timing, flexibility and performance skills. Students learn how to work together in groups and as individuals.

Street Dance

Street Dance Street dance is the umbrella term for a fusion of social dance styles, including Hip hop, Locking, Popping, Breaking and House. Key elements include grove, character, originality, intention, creativity and social interaction.


Jazz Dance is used as an umbrella term to encompass many different branches including technical jazz, commercial jazz, Broadway/musical theatre jazz and even some social dances. It is incorporates many of the same elements as ballet and contemporary, including leaps and pirouettes.


Our singing classes aim to build confidence and develop each individual’s voice to their full potential. Students work on projection, diction, pitch and range. A wide range of musical styles are covered, including the latest contemporary music and musical theatre.

​Our part time school works towards one show a year (Spring Term). This takes place in our newly renovated 150 seat theatre as a full production with lighting and sound.

Pupils are also given further opportunities to perform at East Barnet Festival and at the annual Barnet Christmas Fayre.

Our aim for every child to achieve their personal best in a creative, fun, social and inspiring environment.

Screen Acting

Weekly after school classes for children and young people who want to learn audition technique and gain skills for acting in film and TV.

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Theatre School