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The Susi Earnshaw Theatre School is committed to ensuring that its admissions procedure does not discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, disability, or gender. All prospective applicants are welcome to audition at our school and candidates are selected on vocational aptitude, school reports and information made available to the school.

The Susi Earnshaw Theatre School aims to provide exciting, varied and challenging learning experiences in which students are able to learn and develop to the best of their academic and vocational potential. We hope to stimulate creativity and develop enquiring minds in which pupils can have a happy, inspiring, and fruitful school career.

Audition Requirements

After completing our online application form (available to download from our website), a member of our team will contact you to arrange an audition date.

The Audition Process

At the audition, prospective pupils will be given up to five minutes to perform one of the following:

  • Drama: A speech from a play or a passage from a novel
  • Dance:  A dance of the applicant’s choice. (We welcome all styles of choreography)
  • Singing: A song of the applicant’s choice (We welcome all styles of music)
  • Music: A music solo of the applicant’s choice (Applicants may bring along any instrument with them in order to showcase their talents. We also have a baby grand piano available on site)

All accompanying music for dance and singing pieces can be provided on a mobile phone. 

Our staff are warm and welcoming and are there to make the audition process as enjoyable as possible. Come along and show us what you love to do!

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